HCI (Healthy Church Initiative) Update

In February around 35 people gathered together to listen to our Healthy Church Initiative Coach, Jim Haun, lead us into the Implementation Phase of our HCI process. He developed subcommittees to work on Communications, Vision Prayer, Vision Quest, Physical Facility and Worship.

Our first tasks will focus around getting together as teams and deciding how we will operate and what we will do for the Implementation Process. Each team will then report back at our next Implementation meeting with Coach Haun on Sunday, March 22nd at 11:30 am.

In addition, the Administrative Council is reading Tom Ranier's book, “Simple Church” to assess the committee structure within our church and at the March 22nd meeting we will start the process of asset-mapping to discern and list gifts, strengths and talents within Forbes.

Pastor Karen invites everyone to read the book: “Talking with God: What to say When You don't Know How to Pray”, by Adam Weber.