HCI (Healthy Church Initiative)

Saturday - December 7th 9-12:00 pm

A workshop for everyone here at Forbes - Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) – “A Journey Toward Vitality”

A chance to see Forbes redefined as vital to our community. Do you believe in Forbes’ mission?  Do you trust in God’s plan?
What are you willing to do to move Forbes into the future?  Do you just want to be heard or do you want to work on a plan for change?

With Knowledge + Freewill Comes Responsibility…Will you act on your ideas? Will you trust in God’s plan?

God is ready to lay his plan before us. The Holy Spirit’s wings surround us, giving us an opportunity to revitalize Forbes as a community church that gives without asking for anything in return.  What part is God asking you to play?

Attend a congregation wide workshop being held Saturday, December 7th from 9am to noon.  A workshop designed to move us from maintenance to missional thinking.  A chance for everyone to give his or her input to the consultation team.

Get engaged…Invest in yourself…Believe in expectations…

Saturday, December 7th from 9am to noon.
Get involved & be a part of what is happening.   Be a part of HCI.  God is waiting…

Sign up at the back of church so that we can plan to have enough handouts & enough food or contact Carol Johnson @ 218-624-2981 cdlonke115@hotmail.com or Judy Ziegler @ 218-269-3120 Judyhziegler503@gmail.com.

Your chance to make a difference!      What is God’s plan for us?


Weekend Schedule

Friday December 6, 2019


8am – Prayer – Consultants and whomever else would like to join us at church, home, or work.

Interviews (Pastor Karen, Lindsey, Crystal, Walt, Chuck, Dorothy, Gene, Brent, Troy)
Host is Francie Wilmot & Donna will be in house.

8:30-10am  Pastor Karen
10:00 am Dorothy Bernard
10:45am Crystal Bushnell
11:30am Chuck Froseth
12:15pm  Lunch Break – one hour
1:15pm Gene Becker
2:00 pm Troy Bobbitt
2:45pm Brent Wetzel
3:30pm Lindsey Ruhnke
(Walt Kephart was interviewed Thursday, November 7th)


5:00 pm – Supper at Blackwoods with consultation team, pastor and pastor’s spouse. Reservations made.

Focus Group
7–8:30pm  Focus Group (Cullan Tanner suggested 12-16 people)
Host is Donna Froseth

“This is a group of members that represent a cross-section of the congregation. These are people who are faithful in workshop.  The pastor is not a member of the focus group.  The focus group will begin at 7:00pm and end by 8:30pm.”

These 13 people have confirmed attendance as of Thursday, November 21, 2019

Shelly Maas                   Jack and Marlene Baker                           Scott and Gretchen Ransom
Connie Stanley              Sherri Johnson                                          Norma DeDominces
Beryl Peyton                  Nancy and Doug Kalland                          Kayla and Alec Erdman
Sandy and Skip Fontaine                                                                Tara Bryant

Saturday December 7, 2019

Leadership Workshop – (9-12:00pm with breaks)
Hosts Judy and Hart Ziegler and Carol Johnson 

“The workshop is open to the congregation.  All staff (paid & volunteer) and the leadership of the congregation are requested to attend this session.  The consultant team will provide teaching that is designed to move people from maintenance to missional thinking.  This is a must-attend meeting for staff and leaders in order for attitudes and commitment to mission to be developed.  This is also the chance for congregational members to give their input to the consultation team, so encourage as many people as possible to attend.”

Church Council Focus Group – (12-12:30 until 2-2:30pm)
Host Dorothy Bernard

Brent Wetzel – Council Chair                           Troy Bobbitt – Financial Secretary
Chuck Froseth - Trustees                                 Judy Ziegler – at large member
Hart Ziegler – Reach Out                                  Kim Bishop - secretary
Sherri Johnson - secretary                                Donna Froseth – lay leader
Pastor Karen - Pastor                                       Betty Johnson - UMW
Carol Johnson - Missions                                 Gene Becker – Staff Parish and Youth Council
Crystal Bushnell – Membership                        Laura Condon - treasurer
Dorothy Bernard – children’s education           Nancy Smith - ACT
Nancy Kalland - ACT

Report Development –

“After luncheon, consultant will meet and draft the initial report to the Vision/Leadership Team; the report will be shared on Sunday after worship.”
“The team will call the pastor on Saturday evening to review with him/her these initial observations/reflections.”

Sunday December 8, 2019

10:00 pm Worship

Typical Sunday morning.  The consultation team will be present to observe all aspects of the Sunday morning experience.  The pastor of the church preaches.
Light lunch for Teams while consultation team huddles briefly.

Consultation Team shares verbally five strengths, five concerns and five strategic recommendations.
Discussion encouraged.