Council Chair/Lay Leader

Council Chair
Alec Erdmann

The Administrative Council Chairperson is the “Leader” of The Forbes United Methodist Church Administrative Council (AdCouncil). The AdCouncil is the governing “Board” of Forbes UMW which is made up of the Chairpersons of each Committee and several "At Large" Members. Committees represented are Worship, Finance, Trustees, Staff-Parish Relations, United Methodist Women, Missions, and Youth Education, just to name a few. The AdCouncil meets on a monthly basis and makes decisions which guide the Church’s development and involvement in community activities. The AdCouncil Leadership and Membership rotates on a 3 year schedule to ensure members, ideas, and involvement remains fresh and reactive to changes in world and local social developments. The Chairperson of The Administrative Council is nominated by the Staff-Parish Relations Committee and appointed to a 3 year term of service. Similarly, a Vice Chair is appointed to assist the Chairperson. The Chairperson is responsible for scheduling monthly meetings, preparing an Agenda based upon timely topics and requests for action which have been submitted for consideration by ADCouncil Members. The Chairperson is also responsible for attending Finance Committee meetings, leading the Annual Celebration of Ministry Luncheon Presentation, and representing the AdCouncil to church members and visitors during worship services, and whenever as necessary. The Chairperson acts as a leader and catalyst to form “Teams” to work on special projects inside and outside of the church.  


Lay Leader

Donna Froseth