Who We Are

Who We Are
The Reverend Karen Ashton, Pastor

Our vision is to be an open, trusting, accepting community for all ages where God’s Spirit and a Christ-like attitude invite us to risk, try new things, and grow in love and compassion.

This is our mission and everything we do we try to encompasses it!

Our common ground is we believe that the Jesus’ story is, first and foremost, about the love of God for everybody and everywhere.  It is an awesome and expansive love that goes out to all people regardless of who we are or where we’ve come from.  We are all part of God’s family.  Not because of how good we are or all the good things we do, but because of Jesus and his life and the amazing thing he did on the cross.

We are all about telling Jesus’ story, especially the stories of his shocking, inclusive earthly life, which he spent among his friends and enemies alike.  After his resurrection, when Jesus was taken up from this earth his presence is still with us and dwells in us in the gift of the Holy Spirit…moving us, challenging us, and working in us.  And not just with us, the whole world too. 

We know we are not perfect but we are humbled by the gift of God’s grace that takes all our messes and mistakes and makes something good, wholesome and beautiful out of it.  We seek to be Christ’s light where we are. 

The Bible is our passion, in that it is the awesome story of God and how God’s people related to God.  We believe it is our story too, especially as we live, love and learn to relate to God as Jesus has revealed God to us through scripture, tradition, reason and experience (our Wesleyan Quadrilateral).  Everything in the Bible points to God who is always ahead of us, pulling us forward, not backwards.  

Thankfully, God is patient, God is kind and God waits for us to figure stuff out.  As a church we are learning together and from each other as God moves us forward one step at a time into the ever-encompassing Kingdom, which one day, as promised in scripture, will be heaven on earth! 

This is who we are and what we believe so come, share with us in this exciting (never boring) adventure of following Jesus, doing ministry and worshiping an awesome God!