History Committee

Sandy Fontaine, Chair

The History Committee is committed to the statement: "If we are to have a past for our furture, we must preserve our records today."

The committee's purpose is to provide for the preservation of Forbes' archival records and historical materials as well as to promote interest in the history and heritage of Forbes, the churches in our community, and The United Methodist Church.

Meeting time is spent on the ongoing process of collecting, organizing, and storing records, newspaper clippings, bulletins/event programs, photos, and other items related to the history of Forbes. These materials are safely preserved in a lateral file and a fire-resistant file.

In addition, the committee shares historical information by being a resource for other committees, compiling information in written form, and setting up displays. It has also planned and shared Heritage Sundays during worship services in years past.

Most recently, the committee is growing in knowledge and appreciation by touring one or two historic churches in the Duluth area each year.

Typically, the History Committee meets every other rmonth from September through May. Meeting dates are the third Tuesday of the month at 10:30 am at the church with other events scheduled as appropriate.