Faith Stories

Why are you a Christian?

What brought you to this point in your faith and what is it about your life, that makes you believe?

What brings you to Forbes and keeps you involved?

Why do you support Forbes through your talents, energy and finances?

Tell us your story and inspire others to celebrate their faith-based prospective on the importance of Forbes and the United Methodist Church in their life.

Starting in January we invite you as an individual or family to step out of your comfort zone and tell others how God has been there for you.  You can share it during the Offertory Moment as planned with the Worship Committee or it can be celebrated in the monthly newsletter – The Messenger. 

Don’t be afraid to tell others what came to be when you believed and put it into God’s hands.  It doesn’t have to be an earth shaking event, but rather a daily event that came together or a stressful time you handle with surprising ease.

Talk with Pastor Karen if you have questions regarding this request.  God Bless…