Breakthrough Prayer

A Prayer for God Spirit to Breakthrough our Church and its People.

 Loving God you have called us to be faithful disciples. Give us eyes to see you moving and working in our midst. Give us hearts to love you and to love one another and the people in our neighborhood. Give us ears to hear your call. Open our minds to imagine what our church can be when your Spirit is let loose to permeate our being and to being open to new ways of being your people.

Revive and renew us, O God, by your Holy Spirit.  Help us to be open to the winds of change that bring revitalization and glory to your name. We want to be a congregation that seeks to honor you in all we do: how we give, how we love, how we trust your providence.

Fire us up and give us wisdom and clarity as we plan, discern, and grow.

Ignite the flame of your love, your passion, and your peace deep within us and save us from self-doubt and negative thinking. Turn us from the mindset of scarcity to abundance through faith and faithful living.

In the name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen.