Board of Trustees
Charles Froseth, Chair

 The Board of Trustees consists of ten members who meet monthly. They select their own officers, which consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer.  Current officers include: Charles Froseth as Chair, James DeDominces as Vice-Chair and Walter Kephart as Secretary/Treasurer. The major activities of the Board are to provide oversight of church property, buildings, and equipment to further the mission of Forbes, receive and administer gifts made to the congregation, assure funds are invested wisely, review insurance coverage for the church, review the Articles of Incorporation so they are up to date, conduct accessibility audit to eliminate barriers that impede participation in church activities and submit a budget to the Finance Committee on an annual basis. The Board works closely with other committees and staff of Forbes, to make sure there is open and clear communication of the Trustees activities.


History Committee
Sandy Fontaine, Chair